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Your Source for K-12 Student and Athletic Accident Insurance

This web site has been designed to give Parents, School Administrators and their Insurance Brokers the ability to easily access the information necessary to effectively utilize their Pre-K?12 student or athletic insurance program.

Parents may use the links provided on this web site to locate a preferred provider in their area. They may also obtain the proper claim form for their school district's plan, contact Bollinger directly with questions concerning coverage or claims, and in some cases purchase optional voluntary coverage that is available in conjunction with their school's program.

School Administrators who are current customers may use this web site to request enrollment forms, request claim forms, request a listing of students at their school covered under voluntary plans, or to contact Bollinger regarding specific issues.

School Administrators who are not current customers may use this website to request product brochures or a quotation.

Insurance Brokers may use this web site to obtain descriptive material, request a quotation for their customer, or to contact the Bollinger representative that is assigned to their customer's account, or area of the country.

It is our hope that the information available through this web site will enhance the efficient and personalized service that we have provided to our student and athletic accident insurance customers since 1946.